The things every man should own by 40


You aren’t a kid anymore. So stop acting like one, and start being the grown-ass man you ought to be!

A luxury watch

Stop checking the time on your phone, a nice luxury watch will make you look so much smarter. You can get this awesome Tag Heuer watch HERE and also other wonderful luxury brands like Omega & Breitling.

Do you want to spend a bit less, Fossil, Tissot, Hugo Boss and Armani Watches are a really good quality and proper alternative for the more expensive brands. Especially for you we’ve managed to get a 10% off promocode to spend on a beautiful watch! The promocode is TWCAFF1610 and you can redeem it HERE.

We recommend the following stores for genuine products : Fraser Hart , Goldsmiths , The Watch Cabin , The Watch Hut and WatchShop

A Nice Espresso Machine

Coffee has been making mornings more palatable since the 16th century, and in the intervening 500 years the humble coffee bean has spawned a huge range of different coffee-based drinks. But whether you’re a fan of cappuccino or macchiato, espresso or flat white, there’s a coffee machine out there that will make you the coffee you want every time. This Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder is a stunning looking machine and makes absolutely delicious coffee. You can get it HERE, for other brands and options, check these amazing offers on coffee machines HERE.

A collection of sneakers

We love sneakers, we love that you can combine them with every style you want. We love these Adidas Superstars, they are our favourites next to the Stan Smith’s models. Other brands that should not be missing from your collection is of course Nike and we also think a nice pair of Converse should be in the collection.

Currently THIS SHOP and THIS SHOP have very good offers on these fantastic brands at the minute.

A pasta Machine

What’s better than a good pasta dish. If you like cooking, this Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is an absolute must-have in the kitchen. People who use this machine are raving about it and the quality is just absolutely perfect. So come on get yourself some nice kitchen equipment and surprise your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, family and friends to some amazing fresh pasta dishes.

Get it HERE and have it delivered tomorrow!

A Leatherman Multi-Tool

This Leatherman Multi-Tool is an absolute must-have for every man. Order one HERE and you’ll have it tomorrow!

Good quality underwear

Toss out those worn out NEXT boxer shorts and get yourself some classy, really comfortable and quality Bjorn Borg underwear, your partner will love it! There are currently some good offers so get yours HERE.

A Weber BBQ

Enjoy your summer the best way possible with this Weber BBQ, the best BBQ you can buy. Imagine yourself grilling all that delicious food for your family and friends! So get one HERE and you will be able to start the BBQ season this weekend!

A Smoothie blender

We’ve got one for Christmas, and we have been using it for every single day since then to make super healthy breakfasts and smoothies. Get one HERE now, you’ll LOVE it, really, you won’t regret this!

A high quality digital photo camera

Taking pictures with your phone is what most people do today, but if you want to get your photographs and your photograph taking skills to the next level you’ll need a proper camera. Treat yourself and get one of these award winning Canon Cameras Here!

Nice Eau de Toilette

It’s always to smell nice isn’t it? Personally we love this absolutely great smelling Invictus eau de toilette by Paco Rabanne. You can get it with a great discount HERE together with hundreds of other popular brands like Hugo Boss and Georgio Armani

A bicycle

This is a thing everybody needs, great for recreation and it really benefits your health if you do your exercise on a bicycle. Check out what you could get at our favourite bicycle retailer that has really competitive and discounted prices HERE.


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